Things to Consider When Getting Cyber Security For Your Business in Calgary

Things to Consider When Getting Cyber Security For Your Business in Calgary
October 28, 2022

There will always be a risk of cyber threats compromising our data and files both locally and online. With that, it is always an ideal choice to have a Cyber Security plan in place for your Calgary based business.

Many services offer cybersecurity in Calgary, but what do we need to examine to ensure the right solution is in place for your business?

What Is Cyber Security?

The technologies, processes, and techniques used to protect from cyber-attacks intended to harm a network system or access data without authorization are collectively referred to as cyber security. Cybersecurity is a system that will safeguard against threats designed to damage your data locally and in the cloud. After your files and data have been compromised, some may be lost forever, while others may take a while to get back. Your company’s best IT security features will provide complete protection against a diverse range of threats. A firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing, wireless security, and internet content filtering should ideally be part of your solution. We need to realize that there is no such thing as 100% secure. Any provider that guarantees you 100% security or that with their product you will never experience a breach is not being completely honest with you. The best cyber security solutions will have a recovery plan as part of their plan for your organization. This is why we tell our clients that it is not a matter of if they will the victim of an attack but when it will happen and how prepared they are.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Cyber Security in Calgary For Your Business?

There are many benefits of investing in the right cyber security solutions for your company. In the long run, these benefits can save your business time and money when trying to recover your data. Cyber Security has the following benefits:

1.   Protect Your Business

With the help of cyber security solutions, your company can protect your employees and data from potential dangers like ransomware and phishing.

2.   Increased Productivity

Computers can become sluggish from malware, adware, and viruses. You are making working nearly impossible. By removing this danger, adequate cyber security increases the potential productivity of your company.

3.   Inspires Customer Confidence

Businesses will have more confidence that their data won’t be compromised if the company is well-protected against all types of cyber attacks.

4.   Protection for your Customers

Making sure that our company is safe from cyber-attacks can also help to safeguard your clients, which might be exposed to a cyber breach by proxy.

Leading Cyber Security Solution in Calgary

There is a diverse range of cyber security features and IT security solutions to help us enjoy the optimum levels of cyber security throughout your business. Our service helps keep our clients protected, ensuring their cyber security solution is suitable for their business in Calgary.

What Should Cyber Security have?

Ensure your cybersecurity solution includes the following:

  • Backup locally as well as offsite. This backup should be an automated process with self-testing as well as testing by your team. Find your backup has been failing when you need it is too late.
  • Endpoint detection and Monitoring. Make sure the log files are being monitored and the endpoint protection alerts are not being ignored. Your team should be watching for lateral moves inside your network to minimize an attack.
  • Network security is crucial to your protection, this comes in the form of a Unified Threat Management Firewall and DNS filtering. Without this, it would be like leaving your windows open and expecting a screen to stop a burglar.
  • Permission in place or zero trust  practice to prevent scripts from running in the background infecting your business.

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